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Greetings from the sunny, green island of Singapore!

On behalf of the Kranji Countryside Association (KCA) and the local organising committee of the 27th Commonwealth Agricultural Conference, I take pleasure in welcoming the RASC to Singapore in November 2016. We are thrilled to be your first Asian host, and look forward to delivering an informative, relevant and stimulating conference to all delegates.

As a young association in a young country, KCA has benefitted significantly from the ideas exchanged at the bi-annual RASC conferences. The RASC's commitment towards the sustainability and improvement of agricultural businesses and shows worldwide has inspired our own local movement to promote and preserve Singapore's agricultural heritage, and to build upon it with a renewed spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The conference theme, "Agriculture at The Crossroad: Bridging the Rural-urban Divide", could not be more apt for a time and region like ours. High economic growth is accompanied by rapid urbanisation in Asia, and the continent faces increasing pressure on food and energy resources. The participation of urban communities in securing agricultural sustainability is vital, and Singapore - as the region's knowledge hub - is ready to lead the way in progressive technology, policy and advocacy. We invite you to partake in the pertinent and exciting conversations that will shape the future of agriculture and food in the world's fastest growing region and beyond.

For many, this may be your first trip to our little island in the sun. I sincerely hope that Singapore will be memorable to you - for the diversity and tenacity of farms in our tiny countryside, for the convenience and comfort of a world-class metropolis, and for the rich culture and warm hospitality of our people. See you in 2016!

Kenny Eng
Kranji Countryside Association


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